Vision videos

Video is an excellent design tool. Today, many teams create videos for launch or crowdfunding campaigns. It is a powerful way to engage potential customers, however there are many reasons to start making videos even earlier. In the innovation teams at TAT and BlackBerry, we often created videos at the very start of design projects. It became a way to align people’s expectations and our videos helped us capture the essence of product visions before implementation.

We created this video while working on the mobile presentation tool called BlackBerry Express. Marcus had a vision of a mobile tool for quickly creating beautiful presentations. Our early prototypes and a demo at MWC showed that the idea had a lot of potential. Still, there were so many different ways in which it could develop. How could we decide what to keep and what to skip?

When creating the first version of an innovative product, there is always a risk of being side-tracked by an abundance of potential features. This vision video helped us stay focused on the main value of Express: to quickly create beautiful presentations on a mobile device. It became clear to us that many of the additional features we had considered could blur this main message.

We used an exaggerated scenario to make the main point ridiculously clear. A person successfully prepares an important presentation under serious time pressure. Since this could be explained in one minute, we felt that the concept was easy enough to understand. Once Express was released, all these great reviews have shown that our audience really gets it, even though it is an entirely new app. The original vision video (with a few UI updates) even ended up in a blog post when we released Express.