Have you ever met a team that is on a mission? Since many companies write ridiculous mission statements, anyone that communicates an engaging purpose tends to stand out from the crowd. A clear purpose can also become a driving force for design. Bret Victor’s talk Inventing on Principle explains this nicely.

There’s something intriguing about teams who can clearly communicate the purpose of their work. This year, we’ve really enjoyed working with Instabridge. An important reason for this is their inspiring mission. Instabridge wants to make Internet access free, easy and fast for everyone.

Instabridge enables people worldwide to share and access WiFi passwords. With more than a million users, it is now the largest and fastest growing community of crowdsourced WiFi. Instabridge helps people who don’t have access to 4G and those who can’t afford a lot of mobile data. In fact, anyone might need Instabridge when travelling or to speed up data when streaming all those 4K cat videos.

Building a community becomes a lot easier if you clearly communicate your purpose. When you explain not just what you do but also why you do it, you invite people to join your mission.