One of our favorite books on communication (and design) is Made to Stick. It argues that sticky messages are told as simple, unexpected, concrete, credible and emotional stories. Some of these things are easier than others.

We’ve spent a lot of time making digital products as simple and engaging as possible. Unexpected ideas are often fun to communicate. However, working with Pjama was different since we mainly needed to focus on credibility.

Pjama helps families deal with bedwetting. It is a very common problem with obvious emotional consequences. For example, children who wet the bed often avoid participating in camps and sleepovers. With Pjama’s innovative pyjama pants, they can join these activities without worrying about bedwetting.

Pjama pants are made of a breathable, waterproof membrane and a superabsorbant material that keeps liquid inside the pants. It’s a completely new solution and potential customers need to be convinced that it really works. Can Pjama pants really soak up a lot of liquid and still look like normal pyjamas?

Sometimes a product can speak for itself. Without any narrative, this video simply shows how Pjama pants quickly and discreetly absorb half a litre of liquid without leaking. It works surprisingly well, so we don't have to spin it in a "you won't believe your eyes" way.