Product videos

How quickly can you explain your product, service or idea? Can you make a video that captures it in one and a half minutes? If not, there is a risk that you are building something too complex.


When creating product videos, don’t waste your audience’s time. Sure, there are many things you want to say and you might have generated lots of beautiful footage. Still, you need to throw away most of it. Then kill your darlings. Then shorten it even more.

People who are video virtuosos might get away with creating two-minute videos. Still, no one will complain if you aim for less. When the main idea is interesting in itself, a video usually doesn’t need a lot of additional decoration (unless you want to film a Rube Goldberg machine – that’s always OK).

So, how long does it take to make this type of video? If you create a video to explain an idea within your organisation, you might only need a few days. However if it’s a product video for your startup’s website, you should be ready to spend at least two weeks.

Production time depends on your quality ambitions and on the type of content that you want to communicate. Abstract and fictional concepts take much longer than showing off fully functional an visual products such as this great Spiideo app.

Creating high quality videos requires many types skills so try to collaborate with professionals when you can. The video above was shot by Jesper Berg who really helped us capture all the action of Spiideo.