Internet memories

People take photos of things that matter in their lives. Some important moments are experienced online, but we don’t capture them as photos. We socialise, have fun and learn new things when visiting our favourite web pages. Why don’t we document digital discoveries and experiences like we do when travelling or going to parties? We think Marble Cards might be the right tool for this.

Beyond screenshots

Screenshots are useful for capturing content from screens, but they aren’t anything we value and keep. At best, they end up among the thousands of photos we store on hard drives or in the cloud. We think people cherish their old analog photos since they had to pay for them and wait to have them processed. Would people value digital memories more if they were more exclusive?

Capturing digital moments

Marble is a way to capture online experiences and turn them into digital cards. Any web page you visit can be turned into a Marble card. It’s like finding a story that means something to you and cutting it from a newspaper to frame it. Every web page, such as the home page of your favourite band can be marbled, but just once. When you marble a web page, a card is created from a snapshot of the page and a unique algorithmic art background influenced by the data of the web page.

Collect anything

What do you want to marble? Some people might collect the Wikipedia pages of their favourite athletes, bands or movies and compete with others to capture them first. Others might choose to marble important news events or their favourite memes to show off that they discovered them before their friends. We hope people will think of ways to collect, share and use Marble cards that we haven’t even thought of.