Context and closeups

There are many reasons to create a first product video while your product is still under development:

1. It helps clarify the product vision to your team while building the product.
2. The video can be used to attract early customers or investors.
3. It can show the product used in a realistic context, which helps viewers understand the most important features and potential usability issues.

While we are fans of "get out of the building" methods, this kind of early product video can be the second best thing for stakeholders that don’t meet potential users or customers in person.

An innovative sports solution like Spiideo can only be fully understood when seen in a somewhat realistic context. While it can be tempting to focus on nice product closeups, we spend at least as much time on capturing the surrounding situation. Capturing things like soccer practice involves a lot of people, so it is often convenient to film closeups separately. Closeups of user interfaces often require a lot of retakes, especially when gestures need to be mapped to prerecorded UI sequences. A clear separation of closeups and context also makes it easier to update product closeups as the look of the product evolves over time.

Hand model guy adding closeups at a different time and place

Hand model guy adding closeups at a different time and place