Kickstarter #3

The more capable a product is, the harder it can be to explain. Minut has just launched their second Kickstarter campaign for Point, which has evolved into a fully-fledged home alarm. It can sense smoke, detect movement and learn to recognise different sounds in your home - among other things.

While products with many different features can be confusing, Point has the advantage of building upon a strong idea. It offers “soft security” - a home alarm solution that protects people’s privacy. It doesn’t include cameras. Instead, it relies on input from many other sensors. Point enables people to chat about unforeseen events and help each other out when needed. This friendly approach to home security is the main idea that we wanted to capture in their latest Kickstarter video.

To show how Point enables collaboration and to introduce it’s key capabilities, we wrote a script about a family. In a single scene, we show how Point can detect smoke, sound and movement. The SMS or Messenger chats that follow the notifications from Point are short and any problem is quickly resolved. Bright colors and music help enhance the friendly vibe.

Check out the full video on the campaign page!