Why this obsession with showbiz?

I often think that any business could learn some lessons from showbiz. Creativity and communication skills are essential in showbiz as well as in many other types of work, whether you run a startup or work for big corp. As designer, we’ve tried many ways to communicate product ideas and I’ve found that some extra effort usually pays off. This site is a portfolio where we’ll share several showbiz-inspired projects. Here are three principles that guide our work:

1. All products tell stories

Customers appreciate products that tell clear and compelling stories. It means that a lot of unnecessary confusion, documentation and even marketing can be avoided.

2. Visions bring people together

Stories can make teams work better. When designers and developers share a clear product vision, it guides all decisions and prevents waste. For innovative ideas where things change frequently, clear communication is even more important. Without it, teams often gravitate towards well-known solutions.

3. Make your audience care

Tell your audience stories they care about. At the start of any project, your team is your audience. Later, it will be your customers. Invest in finding engaging stories that will be appreciated by both audiences. People are fundamentally quite similar, so good stories often have a lot in common:

  • They are emotional. Compelling stories describe a problem, a struggle and a breakthrough when things become better.
  • They are surprising or fun. Interesting stories tell people something they didn’t expect or in a way that is out of the ordinary.
  •  They are a mix of new and familiar. Balancing novelty with something familiar can spark your audience’s curiosity without confusing them.

By learning a few lessons from showbiz, communication with your team or customers can become much more engaging than the average slide show or spreadsheet. It’s not that difficult, it just requires that you are curious and willing to try out something new.